Frequently asked questions

When will my order be ready?

  • Once your order is processed I will schedule in your pick up time slot.
  • Time may vary for special order requests.

Where do I pick up my order?

  • You can pick up your order at our address.
  • Pick up time will be determined when order is placed.
  • Most orders are ready for pick up 1 day after your order is placed between 10am-6pm.

Do you deliver?

  • Not at this time.

Can I have baked goods shipped to me?

  • At this time, no.

Can I order a wedding cake?

  • I can make cakes for weddings, however I do not make cakes for parties over 50 people.
  • Currently I do not have the facilities to bake large tiered cakes.
  • I offer bridal shower/wedding shower baked goods.
  • Please call 830-456-3783 to discuss all wedding options.

What forms of payment are offered?

  • Cash
  • Paypal
  • Orders over $50 require a 25% depost.

Where is Butter Me Sweet located?

  • We are located at 1405 Boos Lane, Fredericksurg Texas 78624

What are Butter Me Sweet's hours of operation?

  • I bake everyhing made to order, but pick up times are between 8am-5:30pm, unless otherwise discussed.

How can I place an order?

  • Via the order page on the website
  • Through Facebook messenger
  • Sendign an email to
  • Calling or Texting 830-456-3783

Can I make changes to my order after it has been placed?

  • Orders can ONLY be modified within the 1st 8 hours after the order is placed.
  • You must call and speak to me over the phone for the order to be motified.This is due to the small scale operation of Butter Me Sweet.

What is the cancellation policy?

Please notify me one day before your order if you need to cancel.

Do you make gluten free baked goods?

  • No, because I am a small home bakery I can not guarantee that items will be made in a kitchen that is 100% gluten free.

Do you do fondant covered cakes?

  • No, I do not work with fondant. All my cakes are frosted with buttercream.